Paediatric Formulary

A practical and current paediatric medicines formulary, used at a leading UK Children's Hospital

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Paediatric Formulary

A practical and current paediatric medicines formulary, used at a leading UK Children's Hospital

The electronic edition of the paediatric formulary has been fully revised and adapted from the 8th printed edition. It has been produced with the assistance of expert opinions from the paediatric departments of 4 hospitals. Although not all views relating to drug treatment concur, the formulary has sought to incorporate the majority of opinions received in order to present a consensus view. Therefore this book should be used as guidance only.

The drug monographs included are presented in alphabetical order.

We have endeavoured to ensure that the information and drug dosages in this paediatric formulary are correct at the time of publication, but errors may have occurred and the therapeutic guidelines may have been altered. Where there is any doubt, information should be checked against manufacturers’ Summary of Product Characteristics, (data sheets), published literature or other specialist sources.

The paediatric formulary is intended for rapid reference and cannot always contain all the information necessary for prescribing, dispensing, or administration. It should be supplemented as necessary from specialist publications and also manufacturers’ Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).

We have endeavoured to highlight in this formulary unlicensed products or uses or methods of administration of licensed products which fall outside the Summary of Product Characteristics (off-label use); this includes uses in indications, age ranges or administration outside the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Prescribers’ must take full responsibility for prescribing unlicensed medicinal products and unlicensed uses or administration of licensed products, when such use falls outside the recommendations.

The formulary is intended for the guidance of medical practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, nurses and others who have the necessary training and experience to interpret the information it provides.

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This application was developed by Stephen Tomlin and Willam Thornhill at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

The Paediatric Formulary Committee would like to thank all paediatricians, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists who have given their time and expertise.

The software and technology for Paediatric Formulary was designed, developed and managed by UBQO Limited

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