Improving care for critically ill patients.



Improving care for critically ill patients.

The aims of assIsT’U are simple: to provide an elegant application that helps patients communicate more easily on the ICU, and to assist in their rehabilitation.

The concept for assIsT’U was originally conceived by a consultant in intensive care and an intensive care nurse several years ago when discussing novel methods to improve communication for patients on the intensive care unit.

A collaboration between staff at Medway NHS Foundation Trust and UBQO, a software developer specializing in medical applications for iOS, developed the idea into an application for the Apple iPad. The scope of the application quickly evolved to incorporate useful tools to help healthcare professionals monitor their patients’ symptoms more easily, and then developed further to include tools designed to help patients’ rehabilitation on the ICU.

The application provides an integrated solution to help patients communicate more easily on the ICU, and assist in their rehabilitation.

Current communication devices on the Intensive Care Unit are simple paper charts, pencil and pen, or expensive proprietary electronic devices. AssIsT’U incorporates the intuitivity of the apple iPad platform with a series of useful tools and features to provide a convenient, effective communication and rehabilitation device with multiple features to improve the quality of care for patients on the ICU.

By combining several scoring tools, communication tools, and rehabilitation aids into one device, assIsT’U provides a complete solution to improve quality of care for patients on the ICU.

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The App is not a substitute for clinical judgement or institutional policies, thus it should complement and not replace normal procedures for making clinical decisions.

We hope you enjoy using assIsT'U!


assIsT’U has been developed by Dr Paul Hayden, a consultant in intensive care, and Mr Nuno Pinto, a senior nurse in critical care in collaboration with Medway NHS Foundation Trust and the technology company UBQO.

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Our thanks to Nicki Kevill and Simmone Bristow for helping us with the physiotherapy videos.

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For iPad Air, iPad & iPad Mini running iOS 6.0 or later.