Antimicrobial prescribing guidelines and infection tools for clinicians. Infections is useful for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and anyone who needs antimicrobial prescribing guidance in their pocket.

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Our Two Minute Walk-Through

The first time you use the app you need to agree to our disclaimer.
You now need to setup the device. Click 'Get Started' to do this.
This step will download the latest content onto your device. Note: this requires an internet connection.
Now we have downloaded the content, the last step is to define your settings.
As a default the GSTT guidelines have been used, however you can change these to suit your requirements.
Here we have the GSTT guidelines displayed. The top left icon lets you access the menu.
This is an example of a guideline. You can change the font, size, spacing and width using the bottom left icon. The bottom right icon allows you to bookmark it for quick access.
This is the menu where you can access all the sections of the app. It is accessible from the horizontal icon at the top left.
If you need to find a guideline, you can use the search functionality. It is accessible from the menu.
The bookmarks are defaulted for you, but you can manage them yourself from the menu.
To bookmark a guideline, click on the bookmark icon at the bottom right of a guideline.
Key guidelines are kept in the 'Quick Links' section of the menu.
To change the font, size, spacing and width of the text use the style icon at the bottom left of the guideline.
Some guidelines require the use of a security code. This can be entered on the settings screen. Please ask your local infections team for the code.
To enter the security code, go to the settings screen and enter it into the 'Security Code' input.
To switch projects, select an alternative from the list of projects. This is located in the settings screen.
Here we have switched to the Kings College guidelines. Note the change in colour scheme.
Guidelines are updated periodically. To get them onto your device we encourage you to regularly update your content.
Here we are downloading the latest content to ensure we are up to date.

Infections is FREE. You can get it from the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

The Clinicians we work with use it everyday. We hope you will too.